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If you have any difficulty downloading the booking forms please contact us and we will email you the forms. Thank You

The running of the site relies completely on voluntary help and we therefore ask you for your co-operation in maintaining certain camping standards and accepting the Conditions of Hirers of Buildings.

  1. Toilets should be kept spotlessly clean at all times.
  2. Rubbish can only be left on site in the wheeled bins, so burn what you can or crush the rest, Use "wet buckets" (or plastic bags with holes) to filter greasy water, not wet pits, burn filter material daily.
  3. Conserve the wood supply by not burning timber wastefully. Return all unused timber to the wood pile near the camp fire circle and do not leave any in or near the dining shelters.
  4. Cut only dead and fallen timber on the wood pile or in Mill Wood. Trees are precious so ensure that none are damaged and that labels are not removed.
  5. Consider others and avoid intruding onto their site and making excessive noise particularly at night.
  6. Report any damage you find even if you have not caused it.
  7. Look after the site by leaving anything in a better state than you found it and there should be no wood chippings, sweet papers or other rubbish, and no debris which might damage the mower.
  8. Take the opportunity to carry out a small service so that our camp site will be continually improved.
  9. Motor vehicles are only allowed on the drives and car park.
  10. No fireworks are allowed at all on site.
  11. Guns & fire arms are strictly forbidden.


  1. The Hirer is (over and above the required deposit which the committee are entitled to retain) responsible for all damage to the building and to any property in the buildings during the period of hiring, however and by whosoever caused.
  2. The Hirer shall leave the building in a clean and tidy state to the satisfaction of the committee ensuring that all rubbish accumulated during the period of hire is removed and properly disposed of.
  3. Property of the Hirer must be removed before the expiration of the period of hire and the committee accepts no responsibility for any property left on the premises.
  4. The Hirer shall ensure that all equipment and furniture used by him is clean and properly and tidily stored away, and that before he vacates the premises all electrical equipment is switched off, all Windows closed, and the premises properly locked and secured.

The warden will take time to show you around the site explaining where everything is, i.e. outside taps, telephone, camping areas etc. The warden  will also check the site with you and make a note of any broken equipment such as lights not working and the general cleanliness of the site and will fill out a checking in sheet.

The warden will again walk around the site to check for any damage and also to ensure that the site is left clean and tidy. The warden will also take any monies owing and issue a receipt.